Rexton PVC Conduits and accs

All REXTON Rigid Non Metallic Conduit and Fittings are manufactured in strict accordance with relevant sections of BS 4607 / BS EN 61386 / BS EN 50086 Conduit and Fittings for Electrical Installations. Operative temperature range -15°C to +65°C. Most REXTON Conduit Fittings are suitable for use underground and are marked HD (Heavy Duty). Unless specified otherwise all dimensions are nominal.

Resistance to most common corroding agents, including the majority of oils and fats, inorganic acids, alkalis and salts, is a feature of REXTON Rigid Non Metallic Conduit and Fittings. However, they are not recommended for use with Ketones, Esters or Aromatic or Chlorinated Hydrocarbons.

Rigid Non Metallic Conduit has a relatively high co-efficient of expansion (approximately 0.1 metre per 100 metres per 10°C). In long runs likely to be subjected to wide temperature variations, expansion couplings should be provided in each standard length.